Bird list for Zwartkop Country Club 12-Apr-19
  TOTAL TO DATE :-   91 ref Sasol Birds of SA (3rd edition),  Roberts Birds of SA V11 edition  (consider also using  'Larger Illustrated Guide to birds of SA'
Roberts no. Bird name Afrikaans Name Sasol Birds page no. Last date seen Comments
  Globally Endangered Vagrant Introduced Endemic Breeding migrant
  Locally Endangered   Red Data Partially Endemic Non breeding migrant
58 Reed Cormorant Rietduiker 56 18-Sep-17 Various
62 Grey Heron Bloureier 60   Various
63 Black-headed Heron Swartkopreier 60   around the 4th 
64 Goliath Heron Reusereier 60 10-Mar-19 Seen by Marcel Theron and Adam Hayes around the 4th green
71 Western Cattle Egret Veereier 62   General
74 Green-backed Heron Groenrugreier 66   between the 13th and 14th
67 Little Egret Kleinwitreier 62 25-Sep-17 RHS of 14th
91 African Sacred Ibis Skoorsteenveer 74 25-Jan-19 General
93 Glossy Ibis Glansibis 108 18-Oct-16 Next to the 13th tee
94 Hadeda Ibis Hadeda 74 25-Jan-19 Various
99 White-faced Whistling Duck Nonnetjie-eend 78 7-Mar-17 At the back of the 1st green,  breeds 
102 Egyptian Goose Kolgans 76 25-Jan-19 Common
104 Yellow-billed Duck Geelbekeend 80 16-Jan-19 Common,  often upended,   Breeds
105 African Black Duck Swarteend 80 25-Jan-19 Common,   Breeds
126 Yellow-billed Kite Geelbekwou 112 24-Jan-19 At the sheds
130 European Honey-buzzard Wespedief 104 1-Jan-15 Very few occasion
156 Ovambo Sparrowhawk Ovambosperwe 120 28-Oct-18 Seen just beyond 250 m mark of driving range
160 African Goshawk Afrikaanse Sperwer 120 6-Dec-17 Seen in the large 'Blue Gum!' 
169 African Harrier-hawk (Gymnogene) Kaalwangvalk 106 6-Dec-17 To the right of the 8th tee (next to the 7th green) also on the security camera at the clubhouse
199 Swainson's Spurfowl (Francolin) Bosveldfisant 136   On occasion
203 Helmeted Guineafowl Gewone Tarentaal 142 25-Sep-17 RHS of the 5th fairway
226 Common Moorhen Grootwaterhoender 146 16-Jan-19 Various
228 Red-knobbed Coot Bleshoender 146   Various
255 Crowned Lapwing (Plover) Kroonkiewiet 168 25-Jan-19 Common
169 African Harrier-hawk Kaalwangvalk 106 4-Sep-17 Between the 7th and 8th
258 Blacksmith Lapwing (Plover) Bontkiewiet 170 25-Jan-19 Common (some with 'Carpal spurs)
260 African Wattled Lapwing (Plover) Lelkiewiet 170 25-Jan-19 Common
297 Spotted Thick-knee Gewone Dikkop 202 17-Oct-17 sitting on eggs on RHS 18th fairway - 200m bunker
348 Rock Dove (Feral) Tuinduif 220 16-Jan-19 Various - driving range!
349 Speckled Pigeon (Rock) Kransduif  220 16-Jan-19 Common
350 African Olive Pigeon (Rameron) Geelbekbosduif 220 25-Jan-19 Various,  but check that Crossbill!
352 Red-eyed Dove Grootringduif 222 25-Jan-19 Common
354 Cape Turtle Dove Gewone Tortelduif 222 25-Jan-19  
355 Laughing Dove Rooiborsduifie 222 25-Jan-19  
366 Rose-ringed Parakeet Ringnekparkiet 228 25-Jan-19 Flying and calling (various shrieks) and nesting - a threat to indigenous species
373 Grey Go-away-bird (Loerie) Kwevoel 230 25-Sep-17 Back of the 8th tee
377 Red-chested Cuckoo Piet-my-vrou 232   Call
386 Dideric Cuckoo Diederikkie 236   Call
391 Burchell's Coucal Gewone Vleiloerie 238 1-Oct-18 Against fence on the 6th fairway
421 African Palm Swift Palmwindswael 250 25-Jan-19 On the 13th - bridges
424 Speckled Mousebird Gevlekte Muisvoel 252 25-Jan-19 Common
426 Red-faced Mousebird Rooiwangmuisvoel 252   Fairly common
428 Pied Kingfisher Bontvisvanger 254   Seen on 4th
429 Giant Kingfisher Reusevisvanger 254   In the river bank in front of the 13th green
433 Woodland Kingfisher Bosveldvisvanger 256 25-Jan-19 RHS  of 1st fairway (from the bunkers) down to the green and partially up the 8th fairway.It likes the mature trees and the abundance of Barbet holes and nesting logs.
435 Brown-hooded Kingfisher Bruinkopvisvanger 256   Occasionally
451 African Hoopoe Hoephoep 268 25-Sep-17 Common
452 Green Wood-hoopoe (Redbilled) Rooibekkakelaar 268   "Kakelaar"  
457 African Grey Hornbill Grysneushoringvoel 266 16-Jan-19 Identified by the 'whistling' at the 8th fairway close to the tee
464 Black-collared Barbet Rooikophoutkapper 272 16-Jan-19 Common
473 Crested Barbet Kuifkophoutkapper 272 25-Jan-19 Now competing for nesting holes with Rose-ringed Parakeets
474 Greater Honeyguide Grootheuningwyser 276 20-Sep-17 Guiding' down the 10th fairway towards those hives at the18th tee
476 Lesser Honeyguide Kleinheuningwyser 276 6-Sep-18 Seen at the Barbets nesting hole behind the 1st green. It  used the Barbets as hosts.  
483 Golden-tailed Woodpecker Goudstertspeg 278 25-Sep-18 Behind 1st green
486 Cardinal Woodpecker Kardinaalspeg 276   Various wooded river areas
518 Barn Swallow (European) Europesa Swael 294 25-Jan-19 Summer visitor - common
520 White-throated Swallow Witkeelswael 294 25-Jan-19 Common next to 1st fairway. They arive early now.
526 Greater Striped Swallow Grootstreepswael 296 25-Jan-19 As with Swifts,  sweeps in and drinks 
527 Lesser Striped Swallow Kleinstreepswael 296 25-Jan-19 Seen on the Estate side of the 1st fairway sitting in those euclyptic trees
541 Fork-tailed Drongo Mikstertbyvanger 300 25-Sep-17 Many near 10th green and 11th fairway.  Their favourite food is bees with a plentiful supply from those hives
545 Black-headed Oriole Swartkopwielewaal 302   The 'Zwartkop' bird - last seen  (6?) years ago.  Plse provide approx date…
548 Pied Crow Witborskraai 304    
560 Arrow-marked Babbler Pylvlekkatlagter 308 1-Oct-18 To the right of the 9th fairway
568 Dark-capped Bulbul (Black-eyed) Swartoogtiptol 310 25-Jan-19 Common. Listen for call
576 Kurrichane Thrush Rooibeklyster 314 16-Jan-19 At river behind 1st green.
576 Karoo Thrush Bruinlyster 314 16-Jan-19  
576.1 Olive Thrush Olyfluister 314    
580 Groundscraper Thrush Gevlekte Lyster 314   Towards the 1st green on the LHS
601 Cape Robin-chat (Robin) Gewone Janfrederik 324 25-Sep-17 General
643 Willow Warbler Hofsanger 346 10-Jan-19 In the the trees next to the 1st tee!
683 Tawny-flanked Prinia Bruinsylangstertjie 352 9-Apr-19 Regularly observed on the river side of the 4th Fairway as well as the 5th and 6th and 16th fairways
698 Fiscal Flycatcher Fiskaalvlieevanger 354 10-Apr-19 Various
701 Chinspot Batis Witliesbosbontrokkie 360   Occasionally
710 African Paradise-flycatcher Paradysvlieevanger 356 2-Nov-18 During the rains they took refuge in the lounge area!
713 Cape Wagtail Gewone Kwikkie 362 25-Sep-17 Common
732 Southern Fiscal (Common) Fiskaallaksman 372 25-Sep-17 Both sexes observed 
736 Southern Boubou Suidelike Waterfiskaal 374 11-Sep-17 Common
740 Black-backed Puffback Sneeubal 378 1-Sep-17 18th tee  male seen in 'puffback'!
758 Common Mynah (Indian) Indiese Spreeu 384 25-Jan-19 General
764 Cape Glossy Starling Kleinglansspreeu 380 18-Sep-17 Common
769 Red-winged Starling Rooivlerkspreeu 382   Common
792 Amethyst (African Black) Sunbird Swartsuikerbekkie 388 25-Jan-19 Adjacent to 'SADAG' house on 18th
796 Cape White-eye Kaapse Glasogie 358 2-Nov-18 Various places
803 Cape Sparrow Gewone Mossie 394 25-Jan-19 Common
804 Southern Grey-headed Sparrow Gryskopmossie 394 18-Sep-17 Common
807 Thick-billed Weaver Dikbekwewer 396 18-Sep-17 Various
814 Southern Masked Weaver Swartkeelgeelvink 398 25-Jan-19 Various
824 Southern Red Bishop Rooivink 402   Various
856 Red-headed Finch Rooikopvink 430 19-Mar-19 In the houses alongside the 1st fairway
857 Bronze Mannikin Gewone Fret 414   Usually at the Palms
869 Yellow-fronted Canary Geeloogkanarie 420   One sighting in the area beyond the driving range

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